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Is your child smart?  Or do you feel your child is smart but underachieving?  Have you ever thought that your child may be gifted?  Or creative?  And needs differentiation in learning? 

Welcome to the world of gifted, talented and creative individuals! However, one needs to be aware, knowledgeable and educated to be able to recognise these special individuals. Be it parents, educators, or managers, we are equipped to train and help you assess these special individuals and help you make the best of their potential.


Training Workshops/Seminars


We offer an array of workshops in the following areas for teachers, parents, students and the corporate world. 
Areas covered:
• Giftedness
• Creativity
• Critical Thinking
• Positive Psychology


Consulting Services


At Mind Path, we specialise in the potential of young children and gifted individuals. We welcome you to seek our services to enhance your experience with bright minds.

For parents, we assess and advice on how best to help your child in their learning. We also help parents understand their gifted child better.  For schools, we help train educators and staff members to identify, engage, challenge, and develop talent in their gifted students through our customised teacher training programmes and curriculum enrichment.

For bright minds, we offer help in enrichment classes, gifted testing, creativity testing, identifying procedures, curriculum enhancement and instruction, content replacement, workshops, and seminars.

Counselling Services

Mind Path also offers individual and family counselling on social, emotional, and educational issues of gifted and twice-exceptional children. This may include advocacy assistance with school administrators and teachers.

It is crucial for parents and educators to understand that while there are many methods of counselling, there are few specific modalities designed for counselling gifted children. This is due to the exceptional nature attributed to giftedness and their distinct characteristics. Conventional approaches to counselling may not suffice when dealing with gifted individuals. 

At Mind Path, out consultant is well experienced with gifted individuals with her experience dealing with this special population since 1996.